Tanks At Hanford Nuclear Reservation Could Explode

We told you so, Whistle Blowers have be punished for trying to tell us, Occupy Portland told you, No Nukes NW told you. It must really be bad if DOE and Bechtel admit it…

Tanks At Hanford Nuclear Reservation Could Explode


YAKIMA, Wash. — Underground tanks that hold a stew of toxic, radioactive waste at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site pose a possible risk of explosion, a nuclear safety board said in advance of confirmation hearings for the next leader of the Energy Department.

State and federal officials have long known that hydrogen gas could build up inside the tanks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, leading to an explosion that would release radioactive material. The Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board recommended additional monitoring and ventilation of the tanks last fall, and federal officials were working to develop a plan to implement the recommendation.

The board expressed those concerns again Monday to U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who is chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and had sought the board’s perspective about cleanup at Hanford.

Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks Could Explode, Agency Warns
By SHANNON DININNY, Huffington Post

2 responses to “Tanks At Hanford Nuclear Reservation Could Explode

  1. Thank you for the news. I’m sure Japanese media will attempt to marginalize this news before public becomes aware of the inherent danger of nuclear reservation sites. I will not let them.

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