No Excuses, No Apologies, No Nukes!

No Nukes NW emerged from the Occupy Movement in Portland, OR. After marching and organizing with each other for many months, many of us began to pick up the call to fight nukes in the NW. Our first action was A15 Hanford Rally. Our actions to date have been many including Boobs Out For A15, A15 Hanford Rally, Nuke Protests Along the Willamette, meetings with Senator Wyden’s office, The Geisha of Death Dance with No Nukes NW at the WA Dept Of Ecology Public Hearing, and most recently direct protest of the re-licensing of Energy Northwest/CGS on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

We understand there are limits to what we can accomplish; we have every intention of exploring where those limits end and where they begin. We cannot and will not sacrifice our future generations playing by the same rules.
Premiere Issue

No Nukes NW believes firmly in a nuclear free world. Our goal is to shut down the entire nuclear power industry one plant at a time. We believe that clean up of waste is not an option but mandatory and it must be done in a safe and timely manner. Hanford Nuclear Plant is of great concern with its proximity to the Columbia River which has already been polluted by Hanford. This is not acceptable and will not be tolerated!

And we are not necessarily polite. We do what is necessary to stop nuclear madness. Having emerged from the Occupy Movement, we will carry on with civil disobedience when necessary. We will occupy the offices of government officials who attempt to murder our citizenry through nuclear disaster, nuclear funding and/or nuclear bombs. We will take our protests to the streets, to power plants, to wherever we deem necessary to prevent the further destruction of our planet from governmental nuclear attack in the guise of power plants, energy, and war.  No Nukes NW also works in solidarity with anti-nuke actions around the US and beyond.

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